Tuesday, November 27, 2012


As I promised I did not write over Thanksgiving. Or the five or six days surrounding it.

What I did do was, apparently, get walking pneumonia. And that was heaps of fun.

I’m back now though, contemplating my navel and how to finish out this last four days of November.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Sister L’s in-law’s house and as per usual with their gatherings it was lovely. There was enough food to feed a small army (which we sort of were, in numbers) and it was gone before you could say ‘Turkey’.

We left a little early – I was still sick and my mother (who was coming home with us) was on her way to being that way – and finished off the evening  by watching Captain America. It was just how I like my Thanksgiving.

Naturally, I forgot my camera. I stole this from my sister's facebook.
Today it snowed and so I did what any normal human being would do and listened to Christmas music ALL DAY. I tried to get Husband to join me in putting up decorations tonight but he convinced me to wait until this weekend. ARG, if I have to!

He is a bit overwhelmed by the “Christmas Cheer” that we have going on over here. It’s not just the Christmas commercials and aisles of red and gold crap that went up at approximately the same time as the Halloween decorations, it’s the ’25 Days of Christmas' on TV and the twinkly lights that are already hung from store windows. I get it, I guess. In France the holiday is much more subdued.  They have one-tenth the amount of decorations around and no Hallmark Holiday movies to speak of. France is sorely lacking in the carol department. Yes, I do understand.

But several years ago I gave up my Bah Humbug forever and now I am one of those creepy people who listen to Christmas music all year round and throw crafting parties and caroling parties (with excessive amounts of rum) and – yes – I have to buy the fake fir garlands already strung with lights even though I 'only' went out to get donuts. I have already watched White Christmas and Elf once each and will most undoubtedly watch them again. I cannot WAIT to wrap presents.

For Husband it’s just too bad. The way I see it he has two choices: join in the merriment or be annoyed every year for the rest of his life. It’s a pretty easy choice, if you ask me.

And I think that pretty much settles it. The Christmas season has begun.


cakeburnette said...

Oh Juliette, it might take him 10 years, but he'll get there. My husband grew up in a family that didn't make a "big deal" over Christmas (ACK! I don't even know what that means? Christmas is by definition a VERY BIG DEAL!), and I grew up in the exact opposite kind of family (cue holiday music, tree decorating and hot cocoa with marshmallows, please). In the beginning, he thought I was a lunatic, but every year he got more and more into the holiday spirit. This year he is even looking forward to "his" part of the decorating (outdoor lights and putting up the tall tree that I cannot physically do by myself), which I truly never thought I'd hear him say!

I hope that means there is hope for my almost-16-year-old son, who clearly still refuses to willing embark on any decorating. The 14-year-old daughter prodded me and helped put up all of the other inside decorations this weekend while the boys were playing golf, so I think she's goo. ;)

Deidre said...

Aw, your thanksgiving sounds lovely. I'm so sorry about walking pneumonia!I had it college - BOOOOO.

Hope you're feeling much better AND that decorations go up this weekend :)